Any Takers for Operation Transformation( The Biggest looser)

posted 4 Dec 2011, 14:16 by Unknown user   [ updated 5 Dec 2011, 09:44 ]
If anyone in the club, Committee, Supporters friends etc is interested in taking part in the 
program below please give your name to any committee member immediately. We need 15 people.

Thanks so much for taking my call earlier in the week.

As I explained, my name is Brighid Breathnach, and I work on a RTÉ Show called Operation Transformation. The series is presented by Kathryn Thomas, and follows 5 people on a health, fitness, and weight loss programme over a duration of 8 weeks.

We also follow different groups over the duration of the series. This year we would like to feature 2 GAA clubs as 2 of our groups. One from Kilkenny and one from Dublin.

We want the All-Ireland Champions to take each other on becoming our All Ireland losers. We'd like to pick one club to represent each of the counties.

We want a team of 15 people from your club. But we’re not looking for the club’s best footballers/hurlers to join the group, we want the supporters, the committee members, the trainers, the match officials, the mammies who make the soup and sandwiches for after training, and maybe a few Junior C Hurlers thrown into the mix! The members of clubs who spend all their time around our national sport never actually play any of it, and who are looking to change their lifestyles.

Each person in the group would have to follow one of our Operation Transformation leaders. All the diet and exercise plans are available free of charge on-line on the RTÉ website

The group would need to conduct a weekly weigh-in, every Monday for the duration of the series (2nd January- 20th February 2012) and we would film with the club, about once a week during this time.

We are contacting every club in Kilkenny about this, so if Graignamanagh are interested in beating Dublin while getting healthy at the same time please fill out the attached application form and sent it back to us before the 12th December along with a group picture.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me,

Is mise le meas, 

Brighid Breathnach

Assistant Producer 

Operation Transformation