SJHC graignamanagh 2.13 Piltown 2.16

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“Twas a right ould match”. Not to put too much of a tooth in the matter, that is exactly how this Junior encounter in Hugginstown on Saturday evening can adequately be synopsised. Conditions were less than appetising, with slippy underfoot conditions, a freshening breeze, and a sliothar that at times defied the logic of direct movement.

But still ‘twas a right ould match all the same, as both sides strode might and main to gain the initiative, and eventually to get by the winning post in pole position.

It was amazing that the quality of the hurling was high class and thoroughly entertaining. How else could it be any different, given that we had an aggregate score of four goals and twenty nine points. It was all action stuff, with little or no rancour. Difficult to say whether the better side won or nay. From the point of view of being less wasteful, Piltown scored strongly in that department. From the point of view of poor option-taking when a more positive action would most certainly have proved more gainful, then the Graignamanagh lads scored heavily.

The first half was very evenly balanced with the Graig lads reaching the break with their noses in front. The first explosion happened when David Kinsella opportunistically slipped home a goal for Piltown in the 7th minute. Within a few minutes, Lee Kinsella, Graigue’s best forward, nullified it’s value with a smashing goal for his side. Eight minutes later, Nollaig Brophy slipped home a fine goal for Piltown to give them a slight advantage, but again the Graignamanagh determination enabled them to catch, and pass the winners by the  24th minute.

The last five minutes of the first half saw a tsunami of pressure being exerted on the Graignamanagh lads, but Blanchfield, Jim O’Donnell, Bernard Hennessy, Brendan Foley, and Ian Kavanagh manned the battlements with tremendous energy.

Graignamanagh led by a single point at the break, 1-10 to 2-6, but it was a perilous advantage.

It was much of the same in the second half with the lead changing hands on several occasions. Piltown looked the more likely for long periods, but Graig were not for giving in.

Piltown were the more frugal all told, and it was that frugality that probably was the reason why they got all the points in a game that looked a very lively candidate for an extra time episode. 

Kevin Walsh, peter McCarthy, Martin Power, Nollaig Brophy, and David Kinsella caught the eye for the winners, while in addition to those already mentioned, Graignamanagh had terrific performers in James Cahill, Jamie McGrath, and Eddie Walsh.



Piltown: Martin Power (0-8, six frees); Neil Kelly (0-4); David Kinsella, Nollaig Brophy (1-0 each); Peter McCarthy (0-2, frees); Andrew Norris, Dean Brophy (0-1 each).


Graignamanagh: Lee Kinsella (1-7, seven pointed frees); Jamie McGrath (1-1); Eddie Walsh (0-4, one free); James Cahill (0-1).


Piltown: David Burchill, Brendan Norris, Shane Kinsella, Conor O’Shea, Kevin Walsh, Peter McCarthy, Martin Kirby, Phil Kenny, M Power, Neil Kelly, Nollaig Brophy, Andrew Norris, David Kinsella, Andrew McCarthy, Dean Brophy.


Graignamanagh: Ian Kavanagh, Liam Hearne, Len Blanchfield, Jim O’Donnell, Bernard Hennessy, Brendan Foley, Paul Hamilton, James Meaney, Diarmuid O’Neill, Lee Kinsella, James Cahill, Tom O’Donnell, Jamie McGrath, Eddie Walsh, O’Brien.

Sub (used): Cathal Roche.


Ref: J.Kennedy (Shamrocks). Reporter Barrie  Henriques.