What A game not as much heat in hells kitchen 14/06/2007

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Graignamanagh 1-17 Emeralds 1-14

All our hurlers on the ditch ,motormouths, the say everything and do nothingers , and critics and so called paper tipsters were put to bed early last night as our intermediate team held on to deservedly beat Emeralds in a fiercely contested game in a beautifully prepared pitch in St John Park.Both teams challenged for every ball as if it was to be there last hour of hurling .we opened the better team and after a whirlwhind start  lead by 1-4 0-2 after 10mins but much to the horror of Graig fans we took our eye of the ball and after 13mins both sides were  level however we recovered well to lead by 3 at half time.The second half saw the Emeralds get back to within 1pt of us on 3 occasions but when we thought the ship was sinking Ger Dowling and his super ability to score from placed ball kept us a float and we managed to sail into the harbour 3 pts up in the end for a well deserved win .Roll Onthe next game against those ancient foes the Rower the date as yet unknown .next weekend some time lets get it on.

Manager ponders situtation as Emeralds draw level after 12mins (If he sees this photo im ******* dead)

 Staunch corner back Martin launches one down field

Young fans look for inspiration before Feile (wont sleep a wink tonight )